#myperfecttrail – the search for the pefect running trail

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Joggen hält fit und gesund. Die Strecke kann dabei variieren, damit es nicht eintönig wird. Laufen soll Spaß machen. Man kann überall joggen.


We all know the incredible feeling of finishing a race: joy, happiness, and pride. All the positive emotions come together and your feelings are turned on their head. But sometimes, if a race doesn’t go as hoped, we also have to learn how to deal with disappointment when we reach the finish line. It often sits alongside feelings of personal failure, anger, and frustration with the circumstances or overall conditions. The weather was too cold, too wet, too hot, or too windy. The route was also far too steep and had far too many cobblestones. And then there were the stupid bends. Always switching with the never-ending straights. Without any shade. Nothing to look at, everything was grey and dull. The trees on the last stretch were the highlight!

myperfecttrail doesn’t just play an important role in races. The route should not be underestimated in training either. A varied, interesting route can also have a positive effect on our training and motivation.

But what is the perfect trail anyway? Does it really exist? And if so, where? What does it need to have to be allowed to be called myperfecttrail?

I’ve been on the hunt, run along my favorite routes and will now present #myperfecttrail. So, put on your virtual running shoes and join me on #myperfecttrail.


Laufen auf verschiedenen Untergründen sorgt für eine bessere Lauftechnik und Laufhaltung

Laufen am Meer oder See



For me, the perfect running trail has to be a very clear circle with the same start and end point. However the way there and back should never be the same, but should be varied. It would be boring otherwise.
myperfecttrail should be expanded and changed as you wish, depending on your current fitness level and training plan, for example by running a route with different loops or through shortcuts to reach your goal quickly again.

I love the road, the fast and black asphalt. But recently I discovered my passion for trails and off-road terrain. Running away from asphalt and cobblestones provides new stimuli and is simply fun: running over hills and dales, jumping over roots, dodging fallen tree trunks, slipping over rocks and boulders, it all gives you motivation while training your balancing skills, coordination, improving your motivation, and demanding everything from your muscles. I particularly like that times are not important on trail runs.

myperfecttrail should consist of an interaction between fast curves and long, paved straights, which results in a harmonious interplay.

You should run at full tilt on the straights. The whole range, from short sprints to long paced runs, can be practiced here. Mountain sprints are also suitable for even more speed and an improved running style. This makes your muscles burn while increasing lactate levels in the shortest amount of time. Therefore myperfecttrail should also include challenging ascents.


Die Lauftechnik kann man auf wechselnden Untergründen trainieren

Intervalle lassen sich perfekt auf geraden und ebenen, asphaltierten Straßen trainieren.



The profile is ready. But what would a perfect running trail be without perfect view? Surely just a simple, normal running course! Panoramas and views play a crucial role. An amazing backdrop motivates and provides (running) joy at every step. Isn’t it just great to sprint past a turquoise blue lake with crystal clear water like you see on the commercials?! Or imagine the rush of a huge river that motivates you to run 2 km/h faster. Or the breathtaking skyline of the city that you run along after work. Just you and nature, just you and your run. Views like these help you to free your mind and forget all your stress.


Laufen im Sommer, Laufen im Winter, Laufen im Frühling, Laufen im Herbst


In summer, it’s only the trees and then the skyscrapers of the urban skyline, which give you the shade you need. At night, it’s the city streetlights, the lights from the small cafes and restaurants, which show you the way. In winter, it’s the frozen lake and the small ice crystals, which make you aware of the beauty of nature. Groves of trees, high meadows, rambling fields, steep mountains – nature gives you the most beautiful running trails and therefore the most unforgettable running moments.

That’s what myperfecttrail looks like for me.


Straßen eignen sich besonders für Tempotraining, Lauf ABC oder andere Laufübungen

Wälder, Wiesen, Straßen, Berge – die Mischung macht #myperfecttrail aus



All of us have ideas in our heads about the perfect running trail that we would like to run some day. Because always running the same route, the same profile, past the same houses, trees, and streets gets dull after a while. You know every kilometer inside and out. A rather boring way to spend your time and not necessarily the best motivation.

But you can even jazz up and make your running routes at home more appealing. Simply go left instead of right next time you reach that crossing or step out of your comfort zone and give that hill, that you’ve always seen on the horizon, a chance. You could also cycle a few kilometers and break new groundJoin running groups because they generally won’t be running your “home circuit”. Venture out into new areas too and don’t shy away from higher altitudes and trails. Find new stimulus, be brave, and be open to new things Even if you don’t have your myperfecttrail right outside your door, you can still make the best of every run, of every route.

For me, myperfecttrail means a mix of different training levels in order to improve my running skills, as well as enjoyment to simply be able to switch off. But never overzealous because fun should always be the focus.


die perfekte Laufstrecke sollte abwechslungsreich sein, denn das setzt neue reize für das Training

myperfecttrail: when you can combine running and sightseeing in perfect harmony. Whether I’m in New York, Tokyo, or at home in Munich.



I’ve compiled a list of my 13 best tips for a varied route. Every feature and every new stimulus will help you progress in your training and improve in the long term. And, of course, the fun shouldn’t fall be the wayside in the process.

  1. Changing grounds: Improves concentration
  2. Running on trails: Improves coordination, strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscles
  3. Paved roads: Improves speed strength and endurance
  4. Straights: Ideal for interval training
  5. Running uphill: Improves maximum strength
  6. Panoramic views: Clears your mind and lets your thoughts run freely
  7. “Turn round!”: Simply running in another direction feels just like running a new route
  8. Turn your running trail into your own gym: Create your own exercise trail with push-ups, burpees, and sit-ups
  9. Running ABC: Doing the running ABC at the start or end of your run provides some variety, increases your coordination, and improves your running technique
  10. Vary your running times: Do you always run in the evening? Get out in the morning next time and become an early bird runner
  11. Get connected: Whether it’s “offline” in a running group or “online” on social media. Friends always spur you on.
  12. Take new paths: Just make a turn and see where the path takes you
  13. Into the pool/onto the bike: Swimming as combined training or simply splash around to revitalize your muscles

With these few tips you can find new impetus on your running trail, which will challenge the dreary and dull route once and for all. Now you haven’t got any more excuses. What are you waiting for? Put on your real running shoes and start exploring your myperfecttrail now.


ASICS Laufschuhe und Laufkleidung




Show Bauerfeind your photo of your perfect running trail on Instagram. Tag @bauerfeindsports and use the hashtag #myperfecttrail to be in with a chance of winning a five-day trip for you and a friend to Atlanta to the AJC Peachtree Road Race 2018 – the world’s largest 10 km race. Alternatively, you can upload your photo to the campaign website. You can also find out more information about the competition there: www.bauerfeind-sports.com/myperfecttrail

Think positive! Run faster!



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